Marginal Column

Penny Wang, HR Intern Shanghai

Penny is a master candidate majoring in Public Administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She took an internship in Bosch for three months. Prior to joining Bosch, Penny used to serve in the Beijing Students Federation as President for one year.

Internship in China
Bosch brings you the real definition of job


If you have sufficient time, we highly recommend our regular internship program for you. According to your background and interests, you can start your internship from a relevant field, such as R&D, procurement, marketing, HR, and logistics management. You can experience the daily operation inside of a multinational company and obtain a unique internship experience.

Still worried if you are a green hand in the office? For technical issues, professionals are there to give you guidance; for daily affairs, your colleagues will provide a helping hand. At Bosch, you will be offered the friendly work environment, cross-culture communications, and the rich content of work, which enable you to experience a real office rehearsal and build a foundation for a future career elite like you.

Here is what you can get:

Thorough and real career experience;

Rich and interesting assignment;

Teamwork experience and opportunities to communicate with Bosch globalized teams ;

Pleasant and efficient working environment;

A career stepping stone that benefits you for life


As long as you have:

Adequate time after your school programs

Inventory of related knowledge and strong willingness to learn;

Teamwork spirit with mutual respect, openness, and collaboration;

Strong interest in cross-cultural communication and cooperation;

High sense of responsibility and ambition;

Good proficiency in foreign language.