• Second Bosch Diversity Day
    Second Bosch Diversity Day

    Second Bosch Diversity Day

    Mixed teams with difference age, internationality, gender and working culture develop better products and services. This year Bosch celebrates the second Diversity Day on May, 21st. With more than 360.000 employees in about 60 countries, diversity is lived experience at Bosch every day.

  • Why Bosch
    Why Bosch

    Why Bosch?

    We not only offer you a job, we also give you something to identify with: more than 80 percent of all Bosch associates are proud to be part of the company.

  • Primavera celebrates anniversary
    Primavera celebrates anniversary

    Primavera celebrates anniversary

    25 years ago Bosch associates founded the charity Primavera. Until today Primavera supported more than 30.000 children and teenagers all over the world. A good example of the work of Primavera is the Brazilian girl Crisllei. During her childhood she was supported by the Grupo Primavera. Today, Crisllei is able to study International Business Management and is currently doing an internship at Bosch in Campinas.

  • Inn0vat1ons

    Are you ready for tomorrow´s inn0vat1ons?

    Join us and create intelligent solutions for a connected future! Last year, we filed the equivalent of one patent per 30 minutes – each working day. One reason is our comprehensive hard- and software know-how. But the most important one is this: One in every four of our more than 10,000 software specialists are working in R&D worldwide.

    Have we piqued your interest?

  • Success stories don't just happen. They are made.
    Success stories don't just happen. They are made.

    Success stories don't just happen. They are made.

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Lectures at Stuttgart University

Dr. Michael Bolle, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering of the Robert Bosch GmbH will give a lecture on July 20 on "Challenges for research and development".

Bosch Trainee Blog

Bosch Trainee Blog

Participants of the Junior Managers Program (JMP), the junior management program at Bosch provide an insight to questions such as: What is the daily routine of a program participant? What’s in it for me?
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