Bosch InterCampus Program
Boosting research with Bosch


Promoting research, inventing solutions, driving progress: These are the aims of the Bosch InterCampus Program, a new international higher education initiative. From 2011 – the year of our 125th anniversary – Bosch is setting aside a total of 50 million euros to support universities and research projects in Germany, China, India, and the United States.

Three topics in particular will play a central role in the challenges of the future – the environment, energy, and mobility. We are supporting research activities at a number of universities with the aim of finding effective solutions in these areas. We are establishing new university chairs, expanding existing institutions, and networking individual universities in order to pool their expertise and drive forward research. For example, we are supporting ground-breaking research projects in areas with a promising future. These include electromobility, solutions for efficient energy generation, and the reduction of emissions.


Promising projects

Important fields of technology are developing rapidly. Instead of just keeping pace with these developments, we are playing a key role in driving them forwards. This ensures we will continue to produce innovative and beneficial technology in the future and thus safeguard our economic success. This provides our associates with excellent, long-term career prospects – worldwide.

We offer a broad range of opportunities for graduates and young professionals, preparing them for future tasks through special entry programs. And we support and promote their specialist and personal development throughout their career path. They also benefit from one-on-one advice and a fair and family-friendly environment.

Projects in Germany

Germany is not only the land of poets and philosophers but also of researchers and engineers. We support three top universities.


Projects in the United States:

We are working with ten prestigious universities in the United States to make new discoveries with the foremost aim of reducing CO2 emissions further still.

Projects in China

Progress on four wheels – electromobility is an essential part of our commitment in China. We want to help cut energy consumption, protect the environment, and promote alternative technologies.


Projects in India

In future, houses will use state-of-the-art IT to optimize their energy consumption in line with the occupants' needs. This is just one of the results we are striving to achieve as part of our commitment in India.